Transverse waves

Untitled1 (1).png Link to Video File  click on the camera for a video

This is what a transverse wave looks like, note that it is made by the medium vibrating perpendicular to the direction the wave is moving. What does that mean? As you see the wave defects up and down but the wave is actually traveling to the right.


The up and down arrow represents the amplitudeLink to Video File 

The left and right arrow represents the wavelengthLink to Video File 


Another thing to note is the equation for a wave. v = λf

v represents the velocity of the wave, it is how fast the wave is traveling through the medium. Its units are a distance over time (m/s)

λ (lambda) This represents the wavelength, its units are a distance (km, m, mm, nm, ...) 

f This represents the frequency. Its unit is Hz or 1/s Link to Video File 


Transverse waves are associated with light.